Letting Go Of Your To-Do List

I’m an avid note-taker, and my material of choice is scrap paper. Every day I have 5 – 20 scrap notes with ideas, reminders, and new priorities.

I’ve moved towards a paperless system. Even though I utilize scrap paper, it all goes into my Evernote system at the end of each day. I ran into issues as these ideas pilled up in my incoming to-do list.

It is a tough transition from saying yes to everything to saying no and focusing on priority opportunities.

My to-do list felt overwhelming. I made a simple change that brought exponential relief. I renamed it to could do list, and everything changed with how I looked at it. I typically have 100 – 200 ideas in my could do list—each of them surpassing the initial excitement and have to earn its time into my day.

I delete many ideas every week when they are no longer worth my time, and many of them sit over time. 10-20 ideas are good, 1-5 ideas are life-changing, and I don’t know which one is good, life-changing, or terrible. My goal is to give myself all the time on life-changing ideas. I reflect on new ideas for several weeks and even months to decipher the life-changing, good and terrible. An hour of this reflection can save me months of effort, focusing on the wrong things.

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