Me in 15 seconds.

 My name is David Johnson. I’m a mechanical engineer, additive manufacturing expert, creative designer, entrepreneur, and never-ending student. I’m fascinated with the usable psychology of self-improvement, entrepreneurship, athleticism, and philosophy. I continuously take on hobbies and projects that serve as enjoyment, a creative outlet, challenges, or self-experimentation.

Deeper Dive. 

I am currently living in the heart of beautiful downtown Chicago. I am Innovative. My one goal in life is to go to sleep a better person than when I woke up. I have an internal fire burning inside that aims above the expectations others have set for me. I create a sense of urgency to initiate change, take on significant challenges, continuously experiment with no fear of failure. I am Harmonious, I feel little to be gained from conflict and friction, so I put effort to find common ground when possible. I am Introspective. My experiences from working with many different dynamic teams have helped me understand different mindsets and learn to move a group as a whole. I can conclude without a walk-through of a process. I can communicate effectively and adapt my message, so I speak in the audience’s language.  I am a rapid learner. Moving through the journey from novice to expert excites and energizes me. I easily simplify complex information into digestible information. My mind finds so many things intriguing that I collect data from all areas of my life. I am restorative. I love to solve problems. It is a beautiful feeling to take an idea, whether new or broken, and turn it into something incredible. I am highly adaptive, continually revising plans, and develop shortcuts. 

 I am always working to be a top performer. In the countless hours of research, talking with experts over coffee, and getting the experience I have prioritized, I still have felt there is always more to learn. I love learning about others’ experiences in the AM field. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to share experiences connect.