A picture is worth a thousand words, and 3D printed part is worth a thousand pictures

My first mentor in the 3D printing industry is a natural-born salesperson. I learned an unbelievable amount from every customer meeting I had with him. He always asked high-quality questions, and every meeting, say the same line, “A picture is worth a thousand words, and a 3D printed part is worth a thousand pictures”. He then brought out expertly selected parts for the prospect.

I joined a Stratasys reseller right as the F123 series was released, and I was in charge of that product line in Illinois and Wisconsin. One of the series’s excellent options is four-layer thickness options: 0.013 in, 0.010 in, 0.007 in, and 0.005 in.

Those newer to 3D printing did not have an idea of the surface resolution to layer thickness balance. Stratasys offered great samples for customers, but prospects kept asking the same question regarding different layer thicknesses.

I designed and printed a kit to help show the expectations with layer thickness, infill patterns and the four material options for the F123 series.

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