Hydrostatic Drivetrain for an Off-Road Vehicle

A team of 10 from Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) worked together to develop an off-road vehicle to compete in the 2013 SAE Baja competition. We chose a hydrostatic transmission drivetrain (uses fluid to transfer power from engine to the wheels) as an innovative and challenging aspect of the project. around 98% of all competitors use a gearbox mechanical transmission, so we were off the beaten path with our approach. We were advised by Fluid Power Institute, Poclain Hydraulics and Dr. Matthew J. Schaefer.

My personal contributions to the team were focused on the hydrostatic drivetrain as well as treasurer, which my contributions helped fund the $26,000 project. Fluid power engineering was not offered in the MSOE curriculum, we had to arrange educational courses with experts in the field and self teach the material.

I worked personally with Tim Kerrigan of the Fluid Power Institute on this project and on my German engineering bachelor thesis. The subject was based on the hydrostatic drivetrain of the Baja vehicle.

The project was chosen to present at

Here is the Design Poster that was presented at MSOE’s design show

Full Body Car

Senior Design

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